The Foundation

„John Fontenay´s Testament“ is a Hamburg-based family trust built upon the final will of shipbroker John Fontenay (1769 – 1835) with a more than 180 years long history.

The property of the foundation „John Fontenay´s Testament“  comprises of a real estate area on the western banks of the  river Alster in Hamburg. Most of the assets were still purchased by John Fontenay in the first part of the 19th century. They form the nucleus of the foundation's property. Fontenay's final will stipulates that this nucleus has to be preserved for all times. More than 100 members of the family receive benefits from the income generated according to the final will of John Fontenay.

The foundation is managed by a Board of Directors. The Advisory Council acts as control body. Its further duties comprise of linking beneficiaries and family members across the world, conducting research into the life of John Fontenay as well as the foundation and maintaining the archive of the initiator and the foundation.